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Don't Get Me Started

Oct 21, 2014

Kate Spencer (VH1) tells us about her lifelong love of famed jam band Phish. We include some exceprts Phish songs in this podcast, and we need to mention two things: Phish songs are very long and deliberately have slow starts --- we tried to excerpt enough of the song to get a taste for that but ultimately an excerpt falls somewhat short of listening to an entire track. Also, we told Kate that any comments she made during the songs would not make it into the final podcast because during the live recording the tracks are quiet and we expected to replace them. BUT Kate's comments during the recording showed such enthusiasm that it seemed a more accurate descriptoin of the appeal of the band to figure a way keep them in. So you'll hear us say things like "wait! save that thought!" which turned out to be unnecessary. In addition to Phish, Anthony and Will talk a bit about their recent minor obsessions: re-discovering Kurt Vonnegut and the movie Singing In The Rain, respectively. Here's the full list of Phish songs Kate suggested we listen to in preparation for this podcast: 1. Divided Sky (my first AOL screenname is from this song!. I was at this one: Phish – The Divided Sky [Live In Brooklyn]) 2. Punch You In The Eye ( I am listening to this one now and it's so good. Phish – Punch You in the Eye) 3. Mike's Song --->I Am Hydrogen ----> Weekapaug (These are technically 3 different songs but often they all segue together and you kinda can't listen to one without the other. Like if you get a Mike's, you know Weekapaug is eventually coming and I like it best with IAH in the middle. This show has them all! Phish – Hampton/Winston-Salem '97) 4. Hood - I will cry talking about this song Phish – Harry Hood - Live LP Version - Hampton, 1998 5. The Curtain With (Phish – The Curtain With) You could also just do The Curtain, which is shorter with no jam at the end: Phish – The Curtain) This was the final song at their final show 6. I Didn't Know ( a different side of Phish!!!! Fishman plays the vaccum!  Phish – I Didn't Know) 7. YEM --- Phish – You Enjoy Myself CLASSIC PHISH 8. Wolfman's Brother - always makes me so happy when they play Wolfman's  Phish – Wolfman's Brother  9. Harpua Phish – Harpua - just such a weird, classic Phish song10. Phish – Fee --- The song that got me hooked when I was 14, from Junta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11. Strange Design -- I love when Page sings, and this song always makes me cry. He cried singing it at their "final show" Phish – Strange Design