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Don't Get Me Started

Jan 31, 2017

WE FIND OUT THAT CHARLES PRANKED US AT 19:30. Charles Rogers, co-creator of the TBS show "Search Party" and the South by Southwest winning film "Fort Tilden" comes on the podcast to discuss PRANKS. But not little pranks like you're thinking of. These pranks sometimes involve months of setup, or elaborate fictional characters, or daring phone calls, and sometimes even outright lies. Charles talks about how his approach to doing pranks has changed over the years as he learns about what makes a prank creative vs. just mean. And he declares how pranking is a form of art. Also, Charles reveals that in the days previous to recording the session, he had played a prank on Will and Anthony. Also, Will discusses the screenwriting book "Beat by Beat" and Anthony discusses the book "Everything Was Possible" which is an actor's diary of the production of "Follies" by Stephen Sondheim.