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Don't Get Me Started

Feb 24, 2015

On this episode we talk to actor and comedian Connor Ratliff about his obsession with Elvis Costello. Elvis attracts a lot of obsessed fans, but few have the depth of knowledge that Connor has. We get into little-known anecdotes and projects from EC's past, go over some classic songs and talk about how Elvis' music...

Feb 17, 2015

Chris Kula, who has written for such cool things as @midnight, Community, MadTV and The Onion sports TV specials, talks to us about the perhaps unlikely topic of All-You-Can-Eat Buffets! But Chris proves that this is a fascinating topic as we discuss which parts of the country seem to have good buffets, the best...

Feb 10, 2015

Director/actor Mitch Magee talks to us about the world of type design: fonts, signage, movie titles, handwritten scripts --- we go deep! Also, Anthony discusses bicycling and Will discusses the ancient cribbage-like game of Senet.

Feb 3, 2015

Actor/writer/stand-up Joe Wengert talks about his intense and thorough rituals of buying and listening to CDs which has resulted in among other things, his having to cart over 1300 CDs to every place that he's lived. Also, Will discusses the computer programming language Ruby, and Anthony discusses the sub-culture...