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Don't Get Me Started

Oct 4, 2016

We talk to comedian Nicole Byer, star of the MTV shows "Girl Code" and her own "Loosely Exactly Nicole" about her obsessions STEALING and FAKE HAIR. It's our first two-obsession podcast, including one that is straight-up a criminal activity. First, Nicole talks about her (past) days as a shoplifter, how she got into it, how to do it right, how she eventually stopped. Then we just downshift into fake hair: we get into extensions, weaves and wigs. Anthony and I reminisce on some of Nicole's past hair styles we've seen her with over the years. Nicole is hilarious and great and we are so excited we got her on our show. Also Anthony talks about what's going on in increasingly depopulated shopping malls, and Will discusses the book "Elf Girl," a memoir of the alt-comedy scene in the Lower East Side of NYC.