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Don't Get Me Started

Dec 16, 2014

In this episode, co-hosts Anthony King and Will Hines are also the guests as they discuss their mutual obsession: singer-songwriter Billy Joel. We go deep -- way, way deep -- as we discuss the appeal of Billy Joel as well as reasons why he is often described as cheesy. We discuss favorite songs, and songs we don't like. Which members of his band were essential? What did producer Phil Ramone bring to the mix? What's the deal with having so many songs start with sound effects? You can hear the hosts start off as rational beings and end up as impassioned rambling fanboys as they go through every one of Billy Joel's albums as discuss what is great and what is less than great in the Piano Man's career. Also, Will Hines thought he was a big fan, and then he met Anthony King and learned what a truly obsessed fan sounds like. Enjoy!