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Don't Get Me Started

Jan 5, 2016

Actor/comedian Jason Mantzoukas comes on our show to talk about IMPROV. Are we breaking the rules of our show not discussing a person's career? We are, and we don't care. Because we love talking about improv. We go deep. What's good about it? How do the various shows that Jason regularly plays in work? What's the best opening? How did The Sleepover (an improv show from UCB-NY in the early 2000s) work? What was Amy P. like as a teacher? ALL THIS AND MORE. We loved this talk so much we let it go way long. AN HOUR AND FORTY MINUTES, geez louise. But you improv nerds are gonna love it. Everyone else: see you next episode! Plus Will talks about the Magic Eraser and Anthony talks about seeing a punter who tried to be a hero and failed immediately.