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Don't Get Me Started

Jan 27, 2016

NOTE: This podcast was originally uploaded with an audio glitch that made all the clips from "Let's Get Small" inaudible. That's now fixed. But you may have to delete and re-download this episode if you got it early (early being the first half-day it was available).  When their guest can't make it, hosts Anthony and Will make it about their own obsession with Steve Martin! Anthony's favorite movie is L.A. Story and Will is obsessed with Steve's first stand-up album Let's Get Small. So they talk about those two things for the whole time! Why did Steve's weird meta stand-up work? Why does it not hold up for everyone? What is it about LA Story that lets the sentimentality work? We talk about Bowfinger, and SNL, and his unfunny stuff, and his plays and his New Yorker writings and his banjo, and how Will stole a Steve Martin bit for his own 30th birthday party and... you know what? we just like Steve Martin a whole bunch.